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Andrew is a founder of A City Law Firm, starting work with the firm in 2009.  He has since worked with both our Family Law Department (ranked in the 2016 Legal 500) and Private Client department to gain tremendous experience of multifaceted family finance and children matters, but having worked with the founding partner since 2007, he has both practical and legal experience in a wide array of fields.


Leading A City Law Firm’s practice in surrogacy law (Recommended Lawyer, 2016 Legal 500), Andrew is distinguished best for his work in helping couples complete their journey through surrogacy.  He is a firm advocate of LGBT rights in this field and engages government bodies and fertility organisations to advance their understanding of surrogacy procedure and practice, domestically and overseas.

Much of Andrew’s work has an international element, addressing difficulties of domicile and expenses paid to foreign surrogates.  His work provides him the opportunity to give advice on a variety of matters and clients, whilst maintaining standards of the highest quality and providing client-focused solutions.

Andrew is the exclusive expert published in a wide range of international magazines that cover these complex and specialist areas. He is commonly asked to provide quotes and interviews to the press and TV news channels.

Financial Separation

Andrew deals with the department's High Net Worth (HNW) individuals in complex financial proceedings resulting from the breakdown of a family.  Andrew is highly regarded by his clients for quickly understanding intricate capital ventures schemes, international assets or income and company structures whilst still providing clear, pragmatic options to fit the circumstances.

Andrew is widely known for his exceptional grasp of financial remedy law and procedure and his imaginative approach to ensuring the best solution for his clients. His clients frequently comment on his friendly and approachable nature on sensitive issues.

Cases in the High Court

  • Separation of financial assets worth £8m - £10m, including three family company structures with subsidiaries and international income regimes.
  • Contesting international relocation of a child from the UK to Canada on short notice with vexatious litigants in person.
  • Indian surrogacy case involving the detailed expenses of the Intended Parents and the surrogate and problems of return to England.
  • US surrogacy involving the disappearance of the surrogate and a challenge by the High Court on issues of consent.
  • Representation of a member of a foreign royal family involving children’s visits and rights, child abduction advice, port alerts and international diplomatic issues.
  • Reported International Surrogacy case: JV & Anor v AR [2014] EWHC 4756 (Fam)
  • Reported case on LGBT rights and travel to Iran: M v F (Travel to Non-Convention Country) [2017] EWFC 7

Appointments & Memberships

  • Director of a Multi-Academy Trust in Kent
  • Harris Federation Governor for two Primary Schools
  • Appointment by the Secretary of State for Education in 2014 as the Chairman of an Interim Executive Board
  • Member of Resolution
  • Member of the UK LGBT Family Law Institute
  • The Albert Kennedy Trust award in 2014 to A City Law Firm for the hard work of Andrew and his team in supporting and advising the LGBT community



I'm an LGBT rights lawyer, and these are some of the strangest cases I've had to fight in court

If you are a same sex married couple you cannot get divorced on the grounds of adultery, because 'adultery' in UK law still takes a biblical definition meaning a man...


   Huffington Post

Beauty, Beasts And Glitter Pens?

You cannot possibly have missed the media hype around the openly gay characters appearing in Disney films and the Power Rangers but, and perhaps I’m alone in this, I don’t consider it particularly ground breaking.



   Huffington Post

Bar On Civil Partnerships For Heterosexual Couples

The UK champions equality, legislates to stamp out discrimination and has a judicial system that upholds those values. Occasionally, it may be harder to identify discrimination, but once seen or heard we get a nagging feeling that something is wrong. A Great British Nag, you might call it. Similarly, it is difficult to ignore the outcome from court battles which, although given by senior and experienced judges, gives you that very same nag. One such judgment passed my desk this week and one that I wanted to share.










































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